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Welcome to our farm!

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Welcome to our farm!

We have been raising French Alpines Dairy Goats for five years and have enjoyed it at the same time.

We started caring for a couple of goats as a result of a couple of conversations we have had with some friends of ours. They were casual in nature, but I had always been interested in a farm of my own since I was a boy.

I remember getting up with my grandfather in the mornings and going down to milk the cows. I remember wanting to try it myself; I had one opportunity, but I failed at the attempt. To me it was puzzling; I saw my grandfather squeeze the teat and milk would steam out. When I did it nothing happened. I remember thinking about it from time to time through the years and wondered if I would ever learn our to milk.

Well, as I was saying, interesting things happen when my friends and I converse about things. In most cases, these times have a certain result whether it be a career path, a business, developing a skill, or hobbies; it seems that many of the things began with a good conversation, including marriage.

Our first two goats were a buck by the name of Charlie and a doe by the name of Hope. Both were absolutely wonderful to have around. In the evenings after a full day of teaching, I was just as happy to see them as they were to see me. I found out that checking their water was such a delight and they seemed to enjoy the pellets they had for food as well. Probably the biggest problem I had was I knew relatively little about goat care and greatly depended on others.